HLIX Property Portfolio Valuation

HLIX specialises in the valuation of portfolios which have between hundreds and hundreds of thousands of individual property and mortgage loans. HLIX is expert in both the technological and practical aspects associated with analysing and valuing very large bundles of property holdings. HLIX has created a unique process which integrates into the vast reserves of Hometrack’s 15-year data mine, and uses a customised state-of-the-art technology to deliver faster and more accurate valuations of a large holding of property then perhaps has ever been possible before. Please contact us for more details and see the system in action. valuation@hlix.co.uk

HLIX Loan Portfolio Analysis

Large packages of loans present challenges similar to property portfolios where accurate analysis of total value becomes extraordinarily difficult–especially when forecasting duration–as the size and heterogeneity of the portfolio increase. HLIX has developed a loan valuation model with more sophisticated prepayment assumptions. By integrating Hometrack property valuations, HLIX prepayment forecasts are the most sophisticated in Europe. With loan-level valuations, HLIX portfolio analysis offers portfolio owners unprecedented expertise in the segmentation and possible disposition of small or large portfolios. More details are available at analysis@hlix.co.uk

HLIX Portfolio Sales

Historically, the portfolio sales process has favoured buyers based on greater trading experience, broker-bias, and market information. HLIX offers a platform, which provides more balance by giving the portfolio owner more market and valuation data and providing a transparent bidding process. All bidding is anonymous and protected by highly-secure encryption technology but the portfolio owner sees the electronic footprint of all parties in the data room (during the diligence phase) and their bidding patterns (ex post to sale). This anonymity and security gives bidders confidence and offers robust post-sale audit compliance. sale@hlix.co.uk

HLIX Data Room

It is difficult to differentiate a data room. The HLIX data room offers more, better data. HLIX provides more market data, more granular loan or property level data and more chronological data than any other data room. Buyers pay nothing to access a HLIX data room but the data room offers all of the portfolio and market information available for due diligence. With this process, HLIX attracts more serious buyers who can complete their diligence faster and cheaper than ever before. Contact us now and simply ask for a trial of the HLIX data room whether you are looking at a more accurate evaluation of a portfolio of loans or an extensive holding of property. There is no obligation.