HLIX has proprietary data resources to value of each individual loan and property.  In addition, HLIX can show clients 100% of property and mortgage transactions for each post code district.

The HLIX Difference.

HLIX provides more precise and accurate portfolio valuations because HLIX has better data.  HLIX uses the best property valuation methodology and proprietary mortgage loan prepayment data to determine portfolio valuations element by element.  The HLIX portfolio valuation is the most accurate in Europe.
Each individual loan and property will be viewed alongside data which surrounds it regionally, data which is updated monthly, and data which is unique to our partner Hometrack.   No other European institution can deliver this level of accuracy or precision.  HLIX eliminates  “who knows” bar in the graph.  If you would like more in-depth detail of the analysis techniques behind the system please email us on valuation@hlix.co.uk

A precise and accurate valuation. Free.

Portfolio owners receive a free in-depth valuation without any obligation to transact.  Portfolio owners can view the output in the HLIX data room and see how HLIX assesses valuation, loan duration and market pricing.  The HLIX data room is integrated with the HLIX bidding platform seamlessly for clients who wish to sell segments of their portfolio.  Email your details to valuation@hlix.co.uk