Where Client Privacy Meets Market Transparency

The platform provides comprehensive due diligence information and analytics, state-of-the-art automated property valuation provided by Hometrack, and complete anonymity to its members before and after portfolio sales. All member interaction is highly secure and private on the platform.

HLIX offers two value propositions to portfolio owners: i) HLIX is a portal for portfolio owners where portfolio data is posted for prospective buyers but ownership and borrower data is redacted. HLIX augments portfolio owner information with market data and proprietary analytical data from Hometrack; and ii) HLIX is a trading platform in which portfolio owners can attract competitive, contemporaneous bidding in a highly secure environment.

Portfolio owners have complete control in granting access to their information and permission for bidding. For buyers, HLIX offers convenient access to portfolios available for sale by creating a comprehensive data room for small or large portfolios. Hometrack’s property market information adds an essential tool to value portfolios. In addition, all terms and conditions for the sale and bidding rules are available for each portfolio. Access and participation is free based on the permission of the portfolio owner. All bidding is anonymous.

The HLIX philosophy—client privacy and market transparency—is fundamental to all aspects of this platform. HLIX provides as much transparency as possible for asset performance but protects their identity and privacy of participants with the highest degree of security and integrity. HLIX is owned by Hometrack and private equity.